© Studio Laura Hospes

Exhibitions (selection):

2024 Skin Ego (solo), Fotomuseum Den Haag


2023 De Schoonheid van Kwetsbaarheid, CAMPIS, Assen
2023 Mirror of Self, HANGAR Photo Art Centre, Brussels


2022 UNBOUND, Unseen PhotoFestival Amsterdam
2022 Tearing Away the Layers of Beauty (solo), Amsterdam
2022 Shifting Surfaces (solo), Amsterdam


2021 Those Are The Days, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg
2021 Women by Women, Amsterdam
2021 The Raw Cases, Den Bosch


2019 The Self, Marksteeg10 Leiden
2019 Nude Now, Museum Hilversum


2018 I Survived Another Day (solo), Museum Bélvedère Heerenveen
2018 I Survived Another Day (solo), Assen
2018 Zilveren Camera, Museum Hilversum


2017 The Best Dutch Book Designs, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
2017 Photoville, New York
2017 Control, Berlin
2017 Voies Off, Arles
2017 Young Masters, London


2016 UNFRAMED, Amsterdam


2015 Experimental Video and Performance Art Festival, Venice
2015 LensCulture, San Francisco
2015 The Portraiture Collection, Paris

Awards (selection):

2020 Rabo Photographic Portrait Prize, longlist

2019 Prix de Pictet, nominee
2019 Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, honorable mention

2018 Lucie Foundation Scholarships, shortlisted
2018 Zilveren Camera, 2nd place

2017 IPFL, shortlisted
2017 Prix de la Photographie, silver
2017 Young Masters Art Prize, highly commended
2017 Belfast PhotoFestival, winner
2017 FotoFilmic, shortlisted
2017 Jacob Riis Documentary Awards, finalist

2016 Life Framer, honorary mention

2015 SO2015, honorable mention
2015 LensCulture, Grant Winner
2015 De Donkere Kamer, 1st place 


2023 Breaching the Skin (Patreon Vol 15)
2023 Narrative of the Alternate Self (Patreon Vol 14)
2023 In Conversation with Distress (Patreon Vol 13)

2022 Frame by Frame (Patreon Vol 12)
2022 Studio Work (Patreon Vol 11)
2022 Up Close (Patreon Vol 10)


2021 Landscape of the Night (Patreon Vol 9)

2021 Autograph (Patreon Vol 8)

2021 Dialogues (Patreon Vol 7)

2020 Realities (Patreon Vol 6)
2020 Skin Perceptions (Patreon Vol 5)
2020 Skin Ego (Patreon Vol 4)

2019 Frames & Plates (Patreon Vol 3)
2019 Inconvenient Bodies (Patreon Vol 2)
2019 I Am Beautiful (Patreon Vol 1)

2018 I Survived Another Day, limited edition box with:
  I Survived Another Day

2017 SOLO, The Real Photobook 

2016 UCP (monograph)

2016 UCP, handcrafted edition

2015 17 01 09 (monograph) 

Collections (selection):

Museum Voorlinden

Fotomuseum Den Haag


Museum Hilversum

AkzoNobel Foundation

Museum Belvedère

Online publications (selection):

The HuffingtonPost, The Dailymail, The Mighty, One Newspage, ATTN, Resource Magazine, Redbook Magazine, Yahoo, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Empowering Women.
New Dawn Paper, Linda Nieuws, Vrouw.Nieuws, GGZnieuws, Hart van Nederland.
Der Spiegel, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Konbini, Huanqiu.

Interview (Dutch): Radio EenVandaag. 

Fairs and lists:

Laura’s work has been shown on several fairs, such as Haute Photographie (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020), Fresh Eyes Photo Fair (2020), Unseen Photo Fair (2016), This Art Fair (2015), Amsterdam Art Fair (2016), PAN Amsterdam (2017, 2019), La Quatrième Image (2015) and Photo London (2016).

Also, her photobook UCP is one of The Best Dutch Book Designs of 2016 and, according to Dutch newspaper The Volkskrant, one of the best photobooks of 2016.


MA Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practices, MIVC, AKV|St. Joost (2019 – 2021, graduated ‘with honor’)
Northernlights Masterclass (2017 – 2018)
BA Photoacademy Amsterdam (2013 – 2016, graduated ‘with honor’)