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   17 01 09
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Dear potential Follower, Fan or Friend.

Did you know that in ancient times scientists and artists were able to do their research and make their work because of important Patrons? Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Beethoven and Mozart all used patronage to make ends meet while doing important work. It gave them freedom to use their creativity and intelligence on cases they were extremely motivated to work on and we all know where that led to.

Since the middle 19th century the European culture moved away from its patronage system to the currently known as more "classic" ways to finance arts: museums, theaters, mass audience and mass consumption.

I am going back to the old days using patronage to gain my freedom as an artist; to develop myself as a person and artist, to do research and make work on the subjects and themes I find important to make up for discussion.




Follower: pay $ 3 / month (via Patreon.com) or $ 45 / year (on invoice)
In return for your payment, I am offering you exclusive access to my private Instagram account @laurahospes.behindthescenes. Instagram is one of the channels that ideally suits a behind-the-scenes contact of modern artists.

Fan: pay $ 7,5 / month (via Patreon.com)
Patrons that give a little more, will get a little more. Besides access to the exclusive Instagram account, you get access to articles on Patreon. These articles are about the work that I am making, the process behind organizing an exhibition or creating a book, etc. You are welcome to do a request about a subject of your choice.

Friend: pay $ 25 / month (via Patreon.com) or $ 360 / year (on invoice)
As a Friend you will not only enjoy the privileges of a Follower and Fan but also receive a booklet every 4 months. It is specially made for Friends.

Click here to subscribe on Patreon.com for monthly subscriptions.

How to subscribe as an annual Patron on invoice?
1. Write an e-mail to info@laurahospes.com (or click here to open it automatically)
2. Add subject "I want to be your Annual Patron!"
3. Make sure you're mail contains your full name, invoice address and which annual tier you choose: Annual Follower or Annual Friend.
4. I send you an invoice of the chosen tier and after your payment, you are in!

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