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   I Am Beautiful
   Care | Cure
   17 01 09
Curriculum Vitae

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"I'm portraying myself in a very difficult moment of my life: I'm depressed and suicidal. My self-portraits are a direct reflection of my emotions, which I can't show in real life. My camera is my consolation and listens to me better than anyone else. I want to share the difficulties and loneliness I feel right now. I want to let you feel the pain and fear I feel, even if it's just a fraction.

I want you to be with me in my situation so that I feel less alone."
Published by Lecturis
Printed by Wilco Art Books
First edition, 1000 copies
€ 35,00
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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17 01 09 - SOLD OUT

Photobook about processing a traumatic event.

Self Published
Printed by Jubels, Amsterdam
First edition, 30 copies
€ 100,00

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